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EMDR + IFS Intensives

Deeper, Lasting Changes In Just A Few Days.

It's Time for You to Break Free.

Today, Not A Year from Now.

Now offering EMDR+IFS Intensives in Novi, MI.

Feeling overwhelmed? Lost? Disconnected? It's time to reclaim your peace of mind.

Specializing in EMDR+IFS Intensives:

Designed for deep, transformative healing.

Available at my Novi, MI office or virtually, when needed.

Why Choose Intensives?

Efficient: Achieve more in 3 days than in months of weekly therapy.

Effective: Tailored for profound, lasting change.

Focused: Ideal for those tired of the limitations of traditional weekly sessions.

Are You Ready to Move Forward?

Stop feeling stuck. Discover the potential for a brighter future.

Located conveniently in Novi, MI.

Contact me today to schedule your intensive session.

Intensives are more effective than weekly talk therapy.

If you've been dealing with and trying to heal from your trauma for a long time, you already know how redundant weekly therapy can become.

The trauma-dumping, the everyday chaos, the crises and little fires that arise and consume a whole month's worth of sessions three times a year...

All while you avoid the burning building behind you.

Not because you want to, but because weekly therapy just does not provide the proper framework for deep, targeted trauma work.

Intensives, which are planned sessions of 3-5 hours, do provide the space for deep, targeted trauma work.

If you're truly ready...We can do this.

We can spend 3 days together and do 6 months' worth of therapy.

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Your Transformation Starts Here.

Getting Started on Your Journey
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Step 1. Send a text to Jessica (it's HIPAA-Secure) and let her know you'd like to learn more about the Intensives.

You can call this # to start a text thread:


Let's have a quick text-chat to cover some basic info.

Step 2. Schedule a free, 25-minute phone call for a pre-screening.

Step 3. Book your intensive, pay your deposit, and get started on your pre-intensive work.

Don't worry! I'll walk you through every step of the process.

You don't have to keep trying to do this on your own.

I can be there with you, as you get unstuck.

From that first appointment, I'll be your guide as you move from feeling overwhelmed and defeated to confident, empowered and ready to live the life you were meant to live.  

Jessica Bennett


Internal Family Systems | EMDR | The Safe and Sound Protocol | Parent Education & Coaching

With 12 years of experience and a broad range of highly specialized training, I offer a unique blend of interventions that fully support you in your transformation.

Jessica Bennett, Trauma Therapist

Jessica Bennett, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Michigan


Entrepreneurs, High-Achievers & Perfectionists

Imposter Syndrome & The Inner-Critic

Nervous System Regulation

Attachment Issues (Dating, Marriage, Work & Friendships)

Complex Trauma & PTSD

Parents Struggling with Their Own History of Childhood Trauma

Childhood Trauma, Reparenting and Inner-Child Work

Accepting New Clients?

Yes, I am scheduling for EMDR+IFS Intensives at my Novi office (6-8 weeks waitlist).

I have new openings for the Cycle-Breaker's Program.

Am I the Right Therapist for You? - Meet Jessica


Teen Trauma and PTSD Icon

Parenting with Trauma

Therapy exclusively for Cycle-Breakers. You can be the parent your kids need.

Bandaged Heart to represent Trauma

Childhood & Relational Trauma

Trauma recovery is more than managing symptoms; it's healing from the inside out.

Group Icon to represent Managing Relationships

Attachment in Relationships

Let's examine your 'blueprint' for relationships, and repair any wounds.

Drawing Compass to represent Perfectionism

Nervous System Regulation

If you have a history of trauma, your nervous system might need recalibration.

Masked Man to represent Impostor Syndrome

Impostor Syndrome

When you can understand your inner-critic, you can help it transform. 

Meter Gauge to represent Anxiety


What would happen if you could befriend your anxiety, rather than run from it?

Take The First Steps

I am only offering Intensives (sessions of 3-5 hours) and am no longer accepting clients for weekly therapy sessions. Intensives take place at my Novi, MI office location and in special circumstances, can be conducted virtually.